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Company Set-Up

Company Set-Up

Starting own business could be one of the greatest career decisions one ever makes. It can be an amazing adventure; leads to independence, great opportunity to show your capabilities, and can even give more security than a regular day job.

Running own business is both challenging and risky. So before investing time and life savings into a business idea, it is important to fully understand what it takes to be a successful business owner and what the business requires to become a successful and profitable one.

BE Worldwide can assists on advising in taking the right decisions, when and how to start a business and guides start-ups through all the  establishment journey, from idea initiating to the opening day.

  • Legal Formation
  • Memorandum of Association Drafting
  • Side Agreements Drafting
  • Trade Licenses & Permits
  • Chamber of Commerce Registration
  • Trademarks and Intellectual Properties Registrations
  • Bank Account Opening
  • PRO Services
  • Company Termination
  • Company Selling
  • Company Establishment in UAE
    1. Mainland Business Setup
    2. Free Zone Business Setup
    3. Offshore Business Setup
    4. Arranging UAE National as Local Sponsor
    5. Attestation of Court Documents